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Continuing medical education in oncology
(Certificate of Advanced Studies)

Continuing medical education "Management"

The 4-month certificate continuing medical education course "Management"  (Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)) provides you with knowledge you need for entering the management level. In the first course, you will learn or rehearse "Business Basics", i.e. you will receive an introduction to management, strategic planning, accounting, finance and investment as well as organizational theory and practice and, of course human resources. You will then explore different health care systems, reimbursement and the management of different entities that play a role in oncology. The online learning phase concludes with a course on quality management, again from different perspectives and with insight how to change existing practices.

During the final seminar you will sit your module examination and engage with other participants and students of the Advanced Oncology study program. You will be joining a workshop on drug approval, one on workflow optimization and receive training in negotiation. You will also meet the younger Advanced Oncology class and network with them and the elder class, e.g. during the thesis presentations of the elder class. You will also participate in the very interactive workshop on future perspectives in oncology with alumni of the study program. Furthermore, you may explore personal coaching if desired.

Detailed information on the continuing medical education "Management"

  • What am I going to learn?
  • How does the program suit me?
  • How am I going to learn?

Agenda and curriculum

Blended Learning – a contemporary learning concept

The continuing medical education module “Management" follows the Advanced Oncology Blended Learning concept. This means that 90% of the lessons are available online as a collection of almost 100 didactic videos. The relevant literature is available for download. Lecturers and staff are at your disposal to clarify questions about content and organization of the course.

Course 1: Business Basics:

This course provides an introduction to planning and strategic as well as human resources management for oncologists. Equally important is the introduction into accounting, finance and investment.


Course 2: Health Care Systems:

This course introduces to different health systems and aspects of compensation for health services.


Course 3: Management of processes, entities and people:

This course provides tools for assessing and improving leadership in oncology. This comprises classical topics such as practice and hospital management as well as telemedicine.

Course 4: Quality Control:

In this course you will be trained how to assess the quality of care from various perspectives based on a solid foundation in behavioral economics. These analyses open opportunities for future improvements of cancer care.

Participants and goals


The continuing medical education module “Management” is perfect for

  • Specialists (and specialists-to-be, i.e. fellows in clinical training) in oncology and haematology
  • Physicians from neighbouring disciplines
  • Scientists (natural, engineering and economic sciences) if you would like to deepen your knowledge of oncology

Your previously acquired knowledge:

You will need the following:

  • Physicians and Scientists: Professional experience of at least one year

Your personal support:

Throughout the entire period of your continuing medical education programme, you will have direct personal contact for all questions pertaining to your education.

Attendance Seminars: Networking and examination:

Our attendance seminars take place in the embellished Villa Eberhardt. Examinations are to be taken in person.


Study smart: The “Study Advanced Oncology” platform

Advanced Oncology Blended-Learning: 90% online learning, 10% attendance seminars:

In the continuing medical education training “Management" you learn 90% online, self-determined and flexible in time. About 10% of the total time is covered by the attendance seminars.

Your seminar documents:

You will receive all important information digitally before starting your continuing medical education.


Digital learning platform:

At the beginning of the continuing education, you will receive access to our learning platform “Study Advanced Oncology”, which was redesigned in 2021. Here you will find all your teaching materials including learning videos and documentation. The platform is to be used as a browser application without any additional installation. All you need is a computer with internet connection.

The content itself contains many interactive elements. You will learn flexibly and independently in terms of time and location until the module examination.

Everything else you need to know

Dates and details

  • Deadline for registration: Annually 15 March

  • Introductory workshop: Individually scheduled in March/April (1 day online seminar)

  • Online learning phase: April - July

  • Seminar week - Closing workshops: July   (5 days attendance workshop)

  • Examination: July 

Attendance seminars

The attendance seminar takes place in the exclusive conference rooms of the university’s own Villa Eberhardt in Ulm where you will also meet the students of the Master's program. In addition to the challenging workshop program which includes also the examination, you will have time to get to know each other personally and to form networks. 


Organization and stay during the attendance seminars

Arrival and departure to the attendance seminar is organized by yourselves. We will provide you with all information on arrival and departure arrangements in good time and we will be happy to help you to organize your hotel accommodation. Accommodation is not included in the tuition and must be borne by separately.

The venue for the attendance seminar in July is the location "Villa Eberhardt": You may easily reach it by public transport. We will provide you with all information in good time.



Upon successful completion of the "Management" module, you will receive the corresponding Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS).

This continuing medical education is certified with 93 CME (further continuing medical education points of the Baden-Württemberg Medical Association) or 10 ECTS points.


Bettina Wabitsch
Organisation & Management
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Who is eligible for the Certificate of Advanced Study Course – Management?

Physicians (specialists or specialists-to-be in oncology and haematology or from neighbouring disciplines with a professional experience of at least one year

Scientists (natural, engineering and economic sciences) with a professional experience of at least one year


How and when do I have to apply?

Please submit the notification by March 15 at the latest.

Thereafter you will receive a confirmation message with the list of the requested documents which you have to submit then via email.

Course Management: Which documents do I need to submit?
  1. Original Bachelor degree certificate in medicine, natural sciences or engineering courses or equivalent at the level of usually four years of studies or 240 ECTS credits.
  2. Original transcript of records (or equivalent) including the official grading scale (minimum grade for passing the Bachelor degree or equivalent, maximum grade)
  3. Certified translations in English or German of the documents if the originals are not in English or German.
  • Note: Please bear in mind that translations are only valid if submitted together with the originals (see points 1. and 2. of this section).
  1. Employment verification by indicating the time periods.
  • Note: This serves to ensure that the required professional experience has been earned. You do not need to document all employment of your professional life, just the year required for admission.
  1. Curriculum Vitae
How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is 4,875 € for one-off payment respectively 5,275 € (in 2 instalments).

Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the attendance seminars is not included in the fee. For full board an amount of about 100 € per day should be calculated.

How long is the duration of the certificate course?

The course takes 4 months (April to July).

When does the certificate course start?

The course starts every year in April.

What is the tuition language?

The tuition language is English. There is no requirement to be proficient in German.

When is the seminar and how do I have to attend?

The introduction to the learning platform will be held as an online seminar (1 day, end of March).

There is one attendance seminar (5 days in July) where the exam will be held as well.



How is the exam organized?

The exam will be held at the end of the course during the mandatory attendance seminar. The exam is performed tablet- or paperbased and consists of a selection of single-choice-questions covering the subject of the course.

Which degree will I obtain after successful completion of the certificate course?

Upon successful completion of the “Management” course, you will receive the corresponding Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS).

This continuing medical education is certified with 93 CME (further continuing medical education points of the Baden-Württemberg Medical Association) or 10 ECTS points.

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