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CME Online Program

Master Online Advanced Oncology
(part-time, blended learning)


For excellence in oncology

More than 10 years of success: The online study program "Master Online Advanced Oncology" is a worldwide unique continuing medical education (CME) online program for physicians and scientists who are working in oncology or are active in areas related to oncology. 

Great demand for oncological (co-)care

The incidence of cancer is increasing with the higher life expectancy of the population, while at the same time innovations in oncology are leading to a decrease in cancer-related mortality and the trend towards chronic diseases under long-term care. Hence, oncology is one of the most dynamic medical disciplines in terms of new insights into molecular mechanisms and their application as new therapies. The number of patients undergoing oncological treatment is thus constantly growing, and in return we are observing a growing disparity in oncological care. 

There is a growing demand worldwide for academic continuing medical education (CME) in oncology. In addition to outstanding clinical skills, aspects of personalized and patient-centered medicine, expertise in conducting clinical trials and the professional management of oncological facilities are in high demand. We provide you with a toolbox to face the increasing requirements in your professional life. 

Study Plan & Global Curriculum

The "Master Online Advanced Oncology" study program offers a broad and comprehensive oncology CME online program. With respect to the recommendations for a Global Core Curriculum stated by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)  and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)  we are providing an intellectual environment for acquisition of knowledge, skills, clinical reasoning, and attitudes essential for the practice of medical oncology.



Whom is the oncology CME online program suitable for?

Specialists in oncology & haematology

The “Master Online Advanced Oncology” program is particularly suitable for specialists in oncology and haematology, but also for physicians on their way to becoming specialists. The CME online program is based on the "ESMO/ASCO Recommendations for a Global Curriculum in Oncology". Prerequisite is at least one year of professional experience in the field of oncology.

Physicians from other disciplines

Physicians from other disciplines also benefit from the competencies acquired in the “Master Online Advanced Oncology”. The oncology CME online course is particularly suitable for the following specialisations:

- General Medicine
- Surgery
- Gynaecology/ Obstetrics
- Gastroenterology
- Human genetics
- Internal Medicine
- Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
- Neurology
- Orthopedics
- Pathology
- Pediatrics
- Radiology
- Urology

The prerequisite is proof of one year of professional experience with cancer patient diagnosis or care or in oncological research.


Graduates of natural science courses (pharmacy, biology, biophysics, chemistry) as well as engineering courses (medical engineering, biotechnology) also benefit from the competencies acquired in the “Master Online Advanced Oncology”. Prerequisite is at least two years of professional experience in the field of oncology.

Why Advanced Oncology?

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Döhner, expert in AML, has been teaching and supervising courses of our CME online program Advanced Oncology from the very beginning. Listen to our conversation about his medical research and the importance of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm. 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seufferlein has been teaching and supervising in the Advanced Oncology study program as a specialist in gastrointestinal tumors and speaks on the topic of personalized medicine in solid tumors. 


More than 10 years of experience in oncology excellence teaching

State-of-the-art oncology: update your knowledge now!

The CME online program „Master Online Advanced Oncology“ introduces you to the rationale of current therapy recommendations for solid tumors and malignancies of haematopoietic origin and their underlying molecular causes. The offer is completed by a bespoke course of management in health care organizations as well as personal coaching. Lectures are given in English and the program is completed in four semesters on a part-time basis. During the online learning phases you are flexible with regard to organization of the learning material according to your individual needs - if you wish - but we also offer guidance.

Comprehensive oncology CME online program

The aim of the oncology CME online program is to improve the quality of patient care by strengthening an evidence-based medicine approach incorporating individual patient preferences. To this aim, we cooperate with health professionals and institutions around the world and promote the exchange of scientific knowledge, methods and skills.

The study program was inaugurated and is active since 2010. The graduates from all over the world have formed an international professional network of specialists and experts in oncology, an alumni circle. 

Join the international network of experts in oncology

Small international groups of up to 20 participants experience an intense exchange between students from many countries and international experts. In addition to the self-study phases, participants and lecturers meet in person for five workshop seminars in the exclusive premises of Villa Eberhardt and the training hospital TTU in Ulm. Connections are fostered during the seminars and beyond the time of studies accross classes of students and alumni. 


Prospects and Careers for graduates of our oncology CME online program

The oncology CME online course provides up-to-date expertise in the fields of modern cancer therapies, interdisciplinary oncology and clinical research. At the same time, it also prepares the participants for senior positions in practices, clinics, tumor centres, other oncological institutions and pharmaceutical companies through intensive seminars and courses in business administration and management as well as personal coaching.

How to Apply?

The application procedure is divided into 4 steps. Please check first whether you fullfill the requirements. If you are eligible you can apply via our online application system. After the application deadline (15 May) the Selection Committee will select the applicants who will be invited to an online interview. This interview is the last step in our application procedure.

  • Step 1: Requirements
  • Step 2: Online Application
  • Step 3: Selection Process
  • Step 4: Online Video Interview

Step 1: Requirements

Proof of a degree from a German or foreign college or university

... in a medical course of studies (e.g. State examination in medicine) at a German or foreign university or a degree recognised as equivalent at the level of usually four years of study or 240 ECTS credits as well as at least one year of professional experience in oncology or

... in a course of studies in the natural sciences or engineering course of study at a German or foreign university or a degree recognised as equivalent at the level of usually four years of study or 240 ECTS credits or in courses of study with substantially the same content at a German or foreign university as well as at least two years of professional experience in oncology

Proof of a sufficient command of the English language

Your English language skills are assessed in the interview. Please note that the Master’s thesis must also be written in English.

Step 2: Online Application

Registration and application

Your application will only be accepted via our online application system. Please register first with a valid e-mail address. After registration, our system automatically sends a verification link to your e-mail address. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the corresponding email in your inbox. The link will take you to the online application form, which you must complete in full. Then upload all the required documents. You need:

  • Your certificates (Bachelor Degree certificate and transcript of records)
  • Evidence of your professional experience (see Step 1: Requirements)

Step 3: Selection Process

Selection for the online video interview

The applicants, who will be invited to an online video call, will be selected by the Admissions and Selection Committee. This committee ensures that admission requirements are fulfilled. Ranking of candidates is according to primary academic achievements (BSc, MD).

Step 4: Online Video Interview

Dates and implementation

The interviews will take place at the end of June/beginning of July. The selected applicants will be invited approximately two weeks in advance. All dates are set in Central European Summer Time (CEST). With the invitation to the online interview, you will receive a PowerPoint template, which you can use for a brief introduction of yourself (name, age, current position, research focus, motivation for your studies, planned Master's thesis). Please limit yourself to one page. The interview takes place via Zoom. The main topics are professional practice, oncological expertise, additional qualifications as well as motivation for the course of studies. The assessment also includes problem-solving skills and argumentation as well as mastery of the English language. The interview usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

Interview Follow-up

Once the selection interviews have been completed, we will inform you of your admission within three weeks. Candidates who cannot be admitted due to their ranking, we offer a place on the waiting list if a higher-ranking candidate does not take up her/his place.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is 4,875 € per semester. This includes all costs for the modules, tutorial guidance, online lectures, master thesis and exams. Payment is due upon receipt of payment notification which is issued in connection with re-registration for each semester. An agreement on installments is possible.

Administrative fee
An administrative fee of 180 € per semester will be charged additionally (subject to change).

Seminar expenses
Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the attendance seminars are not included in the fee. For full board an amount of about 100 € per day should be calculated.


Who is eligible for the study program Master Online Advanced Oncology?

Physicians with at least one year of professional experience in oncology


Natural scientists (graduates of pharmacy, biology, biophysics, chemistry) with at least two years of professional experience in oncology

as well as

graduates of engineering courses (e.g. medical engineering, biotechnology) with at least two years of professional experience in oncology

There is no age limit.


How and when do I have to apply?

Applications must be submitted in full between April 1 and May 15 each year via the application platform of Ulm University. Please note that May 15 is the closing date and make sure to submit all relevant documents by May 15. Please feel free to get in touch in advance in case you have questions or doubts.

Which documents do I need to submit?
  1. Original Bachelor degree certificate in medicine, natural sciences or engineering courses or equivalent at the level of usually four years of studies or 240 ECTS credits.
  2. Original transcript of records (or equivalent) including the official grading scale (minimum grade for passing the Bachelor degree or equivalent, maximum grade)
  3. Certified translations in English or German of the documents if the originals are not in English or German.
    • Note: Please bear in mind that translations are only valid if submitted together with the originals (see points 1. and 2. of this section).
  4. Employment verification for professional experience in oncology by indicating the time periods.
    • Note: This serves to ensure that the required professional experience has been earned. You do not need to document all employment of your professional life, just the year (physicians) or two years (non-physicians) required for admission.
How are the study places allocated?
  1. Step: Pre-selection according to admission statues.
  2. Step: Personal interviews with the applicants via Zoom.
How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee is 4,875 € per semester plus currently 180 € administrative fee per semester. It includes all costs for the 7 modules, tutorial guidance, online conferences, exams and master thesis.

Travel, living expenses and accommodation costs during the 5 attendance seminars are not included in the fee.

Is it possible to pay the tuition fee by installments?

After prior agreement with the Office of the Registrar it is possible to pay the tuition fee by installments.

Is it possible to get a scholarship?

The current economic situation does not allow a positive prediction for a funding, i.e. we cannot reliably promise the financial support of a highly qualified new applicant.

We therefore recommend to seek funding by yourself. Our general advice is to negotiate the participation in this study program with your employer and to seek also other incentives, e.g. study time, time for attending the seminars, possibilities for career development. Upon request, we will issue a letter of support for any possible funding bodies once we received your complete application.

How long is the duration of the study program?

The program takes 4 semesters (2 years).

When does the study program start?

The program starts every year in October.

How are the exams organized?

The exams will be held at the end of each semester during the mandatory attendance seminars. The exams are performed tablet-or paperbased and consist of a selection of single-choice-questions covering the subject of the studies.

What is the tuition language?

The tuition language is English. There is no requirement to be proficient in German.

Which academic degree will I obtain after successful completion of the study program?

The successful completion of the study program leads to the international academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) with a total of 60 ECTS credit. Furthermore, after a successful Module 3-examination you will obtain a Certificate of Good Clinical Practice.

Is the master degree worldwide recognized?

This program is worldwide recognized, especially in Europe, since the program is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and is accredited according to the Bologna process for Master’s degrees.

Do I have to come to Germany to participate in the study program?

Yes, but only for participation in the attendance seminars. This study program is mainly an online based program. In total, 5 mandatory attendance seminars will take place in Ulm, Germany (duration: between 3 and 5 days). During these seminars, the exams will be held as well.

Is this Master program geared towards certain specialists?

The program is not defined for any group of specialists, but every applicant has to prove at least one year (physicians) or two years (non-physicians) of professional experience in oncology.

Is it possible to complete the study program while working full-time?

This program is an extra-occupational program that enables to combine career, family and studies. The workload is 360 hours per semester, i.e. 14 hours per week. However, there is no weekly study schedule, so the program allows individual time management.

We support your studies by providing milestone recommendations.

What are the technical requirements to participate in this program?

Access to an internet connection with a minimal rate of 200 kbit/s is absolutely required. Additionally, a webcam and headset (for the personal interview) are indispensable.

Am I eligible for this Master program even if I already have a master degree?

Yes. A previous Master’s degree will not preclude you from entering the Advanced Oncology study experience.

What happens if I don’t complete the Master’s Thesis?

The master degree is only obtained, if a student has passed all four written module-examinations as well as the Master’s Thesis and has attended the seminars. This means that students who do not pass the examinations or drop out because of other reasons cannot claim that they have obtained the master’s degree although they were studying within a master degree program.

In case that the student does not complete the Master’s Thesis but has passed at least 3 module examinations, a “Diploma of Advanced Studies” certifying the study progress will be issued upon request.

Which facts should I know about the Master Thesis?

In general, the Master’s Thesis is an essay on a topic related to one of the program’s modules of the student’s choice. In the past, students succeeded with the following types of Master’s thesis

  • Retrospective data analysis
  • Systematic review or meta-analysis
  • Development of a clinical trial protocol
  • Business/project development plan
  • Data mining
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Quantitative information collection and the analysis thereof
  • Establishing a tumor registry

Formally, the timeframe to write the thesis may not exceed 6 months. The extent of the Master Thesis is usually about 60 to 80 pages.

Is it possible to collaborate with a laboratory in Ulm during the Master Thesis?

This is basically feasible. Please be aware that the study program is unable to compensate the laboratories for consumables.

It is possible to introduce students to the director of a particular department in order to establish a personal contact. However, further commitment is subject to the individual decision of department directors.

Download our brochure and find out more

In an international circle and small semester groups of a maximum of 20 participants, the course offers an intensive exchange between students from all countries and international experts. In addition to the self-study phases, participants and teachers usually meet in person for five workshop seminars in the exclusive premises of Villa Eberhardt in Ulm. In the Alumni Circle you stay in touch with each other.

  1. Advanced training in oncology
  2. Exclusive seminars
  3. Alumni Circle Advanced Oncology

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